The Ignite team is the heart of our organization. Our team members play an integral role not only in the day-to-day operation of Ignite but in enabling our apprentices to achieve their dreams and build bright futures.


Debby Adair Facilitator

Favourite quotation: No star is ever lost we once have seen; we always may be what we might have been.(Adelaide A. Procter)

Carlo Bizzarri Program Manager

Words of wisdom: An emotionally free person can give freely to others.

Debbie Deausy Bookkeeper

Favourite pastime: NASCAR racing

Mona Hill Apprentice Support Services Facilitator

Personal credo: As I became more in tune with the world, and more
educated, my personal credo became, “The more I learn, the less I know.”
This gives me the perfect excuse to never stop learning!

Laurie Johnson Fitness Facilitator

Favourite quotation: The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.

Lois McCrae Office Administrator

Favourite pastime: Being a Grandma – and I’ll bore you
with the pictures if I’m given the chance!

Terina Shaw Fundraiser and Corporate Liaison Officer

Words of wisdom: Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. Young adults make up 25% of our population but they are 100% of our future.

Larry Smith Facilitator

Favourite food: I love eating mushrooms – the healthy kind – Agaricus bisporus.


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