My name is Aminaroda Elmi and I was new to the country when I applied to this program in 2011. The day I received a phone call form Ignite and was told that I was accepted was one of the happiest days of my life. This program has changed my life in so many ways, it was not just going to a class and completing my high school education, but I was getting support, guidance, mentoring and financial support at the same time. I gained tons of knowledge within a short time; I also gained a confidence in public speaking.  One of my favorite programs was the Business Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship program; taking this program is one of the reasons I started my own business.

After I graduated, Ignite just did not let me go my own way but still helped me to find a work placement to start my career.  I started my work placement at Farm Credit Canada in 2011 and if it was not for Ignite I would never get my foot in the door.

I’m still with Farm Credit Canada but I’m also a big believer in entrepreneurship.  I started an online business in 2018; I’m very passionate about health and wellness so I chose to enter the dietary supplement market. My first product is a women’s multivitamin and I’m planning to expand my product line. I also started another online business recently with a network marketing company.

I’m so grateful that I got the chance to be one of the apprentices in Cycle 32 and appreciate all the support and guidance I got from my instructors, they were like a family to me. I would never have got where I am today if I had not participated the program.

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