January 23, 2012

by Carlo Bizzarri 

Today, I was thinking about what is most important to a healthy civil society. I believe any healthy civil society has to strive, as much as possible, to help all its citizens to be interdependent but self-sustaining. This is not an easy task to accomplish especially when some of the younger members of our society do not have the key and do not know the path to independence and self-sustainability. 

I believe law and order or band aid solutions to this challenge are not helpful and in fact, exacerbate the problem. These approaches create dependency or marginalization. Dependency is the opposite of freedom. It chokes futures. It kills dreams. Marginalization gives the impression that there is no problem. 

Ignite has always believed, and proved, that helping at-risk young adults build their own keys to self-sustainability, while showing and walking the walk with them, awakens an inner excitement in them about taking control of their personal futures. They know that there is no set time clock on changing behaviors, dealing with issues from the past and present, or designing new lives. For them, life will always be a work in progress, no different than for you and I. To do this work and create change takes time and dedication but it yields positive lasting results, and in the process, helps to build a healthy civil society. 


Carlo Bizzarri

Carlo Bizzarri is the Program Manager for Ignite. Since founding the organization in 1990, Carlo has continued to evolve and expand the program that has helped hundreds of at-risk young adults gain the personal strength, knowledge, and work skills needed to become full, contributing members of the community. As Carlo discovered, “To see another human being prosper and move ahead gives you a feeling that will never leave you.”


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