Ignite is a catalyst for social change. Its mission is to empower marginalized young adults to transform themselves into self-sufficient, productive citizens who build successful lives for themselves and their families.


Ignite aspires to become a self-sustaining, holistic Centre of Excellence where the healing, learning, and employment needs of at-risk young adults are met, revenue generating endeavours are advanced, and highly desired human resources are produced.


The core values of Ignite are

Human Dignity

We believe in the natural goodness of all human beings. People are best capable of the highest performance when nurtured according to their unique, individual talents. We believe work with dignity heals the mind and the body. We understand and respect our challenges and remain committed even in the face of setbacks.


We believe actions that create and support self-sufficiency are beneficial to individuals and to society.


We believe a sense of belonging to a supportive and nurturing community is a necessary grounding for personal growth.


We initiate and nurture partnerships within private, public, and community sectors.


We take a professional, business approach to program planning, structure, delivery, and evaluation.


We believe innovative ideas and approaches are central to our effectiveness.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We provide a multicultural training environment. We believe all cultural traditions and genders benefit from learning and working together.


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