Adult 12 Program

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Get Your Grade 12

You will work with our amazing teachers to complete all 7 courses needed for an Adult 12 diploma including math, science, social studies, and English. You will also develop job skills and participate in wellness, personal development, and Indigenous Learning classes.

At the end of the program, you will participate in Job Bridging where you will find work and/or be accepted into a post-secondary program.

BENEFITS: You will have a grade 12 diploma, many new skills and connections, and an active plan to enter employment and/or post-secondary training.


WHEN: Monday to Friday – 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

LENGTH: 12-24 months

START DATE: We bring in new students all year. When someone graduates, we fill their spot with a new student.

You will participate in community events, make new connections, and build your confidence. You will also carry out your plan to get a job and/or start further training.

*Students will be provided with a computer for the duration of the program.

You will learn:

  • Resumé writing

  • Professional communication strategies
  • Interview Skills
  • How to successfully apply for jobs online
  • Budgeting
  • Computer Skills

  • Typing

  • Teamwork
  • How to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
  • How to improve your personal wellness
  • About your own skills and strengths

  • How to set goals and change your life
  • …and more!

You will also participate in:

  • Personal development
  • Our Community Connections program

  • One-on-one goal setting and career planning

  • Our Indigenous Learning Course

  • Additional job-related training opportunities

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New Applicants

To apply, you will need to create a MySchool Account. Emails from MySchool may end up in your junk folder, so please check there.

Returning Students

If you have been a student at Ignite since January 2022, and you want to come back, please contact us!

Returning Applicants

If you have already applied using your MySchool account, please check your email inbox or your junk folder for further instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Adult 12 diploma?2024-05-07T00:11:55+00:00

An Adult 12 diploma is a grade 12 diploma for adult learners. As adults, you only need to complete 7 classes (credits) instead of the 24 credits expected of high school students. Post-secondary programs recognize it as a grade 12 diploma.

What happened to the GED?2024-05-07T00:12:01+00:00

The GED was used as a high school equivalency in Canada until May 3, 2024. Canada did not renew the contract with the American company Pearson VUE that owns the GED and, as a result, Canadians can no longer get a GED.

Can I do the program online from home?2024-05-07T00:28:15+00:00

No. Our programs are in-person only.

If you are ready to take the next step, then it is time to apply!

Other Programs

Pre-Adult 12 Program

You will work with our amazing teachers to improve your math, reading and writing skills to prepare you for the Adult 12 program. You will also build life and job skills along the way.


You will be ready to enter the Adult 12 program, and you will develop new skills to help you find work and reach your goals.




Monday, Tuesdays & Fridays
9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


6-12 months

You will participate in community events, make new connections, and build your confidence. You will also learn to set goals and make a realistic career plan.

Hear From Our Graduates

“I have gained so much knowledge and self-confidence being here at Ignite. Though my time here is ending, I will always remember Ignite as a place of learning, not only about school, Indigenous studies, and about addictions, but mostly about myself. A year ago, graduating high school did not seem like a strong possibility for me because anxiety always got the best of me, and I thought I would never be smart enough to pass a single test. Coming to Ignite has changed my life in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful to the staff who taught me and gave me the support I needed to help me graduate.”

“Ignite made me feel more confident in myself, and it also made me want to succeed in life.”

“Ignite taught me how to set boundaries, deal with addictions and control my mental health.”

Our Partners

Funding for our programs is provided by our generous sponsors.

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